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For Immediate Release  July 10, 2019

Straight Arrow Hemp Closes Initial Investment Offering

The Straight Arrow Hemp Company, based in Charleston, South Carolina announced today that it has completed its initial fund raising effort based on Joint Venture hemp growing sites located around the State.  These unique partnerships blended local and out of state investors, South Carolina Farmers/Growers and Straight Arrow in an opportunity to begin an active growing strategy with minimal risk and a chance to learn from some of the most experienced hemp growers in South Carolina.  

Straight Arrow Chairman, Tom McNeil, said,"This program created a true win-win for everyone in the chain.  Everyone in the growing process has a vested interested in producing a superior product.  We sincerely home to expand the program dramatically for the 2020 growing season. "

The Straight Arrow Hemp Company is a new South Carolina Agribusiness venture focused on developing a true "seed to sale" line of high quality, South Carolina grown and produced hemp products.  The Company currently has 4 different grow locations throughout the State and is working with other independent hemp farmers in South Carolina to provide harvest, storage, and processing services based in South Carolina.

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