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The Straight Arrow Logistics Program

Straight Arrow is currently investing in "over-developing" our capacity to support all the required steps in-between the hemp harvest and the actual processing operation.  These capital intensive operations are difficult for smaller growers to afford yet need to be done effectively in order to secure the largest return for the hemp growing effort.  Straight Arrow is ready and willing to provide any or all of the following services to other South Carolina hemp growers:

Harvesting ... both manual and/or automated (depending on the field size)

Drying ... Straight Arrow has secure space to dry hemp naturally (hanging) or a grower can chose to put the hemp through our automated drying system (quicker and more consistent)

Packaging ... depending on who processes the hemp, growers may have to wait several MONTHS to get their hemp processed.  Other growers may CHOOSE to wait in order to secure the highest market price for their efforts.  Either way, the dried hemp needs to be packaged in either "safe sacks" or better yet, vacuum sealed bags.  Straight Arrow will perform this service for much less than securing independent equipment.

Storage ... Dried hemp is a valuable commodity.  Depending on the percentage of CBD in the biomass, it could have a value in excess of $12,000 per ton.  Straight Arrow has a fully secure (guarded) warehouse with individual locked rooms or cages (depending on size requirement) so growers always know their crop is secure and protected until they want to send it to the processor.

Transportation ... Like with storage, your hemp biomass is valuable.  Moving it about (like to the processor) requires special attention to security, environmental control, and timing.  Processors want your biomass to show up at the right time to work into THEIR workflow.  We can manage that process for you with a ultra secure process that guarantees 100% of your product will be checked into the processor.

If you are interested in any of the above services, please call Tom or Dave at 843-412-0137

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