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Grow Partnerships with Straight Arrow

In 2019, Straight Arrow created unique Joint Venture Partnerships between interested investors, local farmers and Straight Arrow.  The result has proven to be a true three way win-win-win with investors having the opportunity to get into the "hemp industry" with minimal capital and minimal risk, farmers having the opportunity to work with Straight Arrow growers to learn the business, and Straight Arrow developing a guaranteed amount of "feed stock" for downstream processing and eventual retail applications.  Under this program, each participant (grower, farmer and Straight Arrow) all own a percentage of the biomass harvested under the program.  The investor and farmer both have the option to sell their share of biomass at harvest for the market rate or stay with the program through processing and reap the rewards of selling CBD oil at that market rate.  Straight Arrow plans to expand this program significantly in 2020.

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Growing Hemp With Straight Arrow

If you want to participate in a Joint Venture Grow NEXT year, contact us ASAP.
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